Alternate Search Method
No SSN? No problem.

Alternate Search Method

Equifax wants to help you complete more verifications using The Work Number® database. We don't want a bump in the road, like not having a full Social Security number (SSN) for the consumer you're seeking to verify, to keep you from being able to use The Work Number. That's why we have enhanced our online search capability with a new alternate search method.

When placing orders through, you now have the option of using non-SSN personally identifiable information (PII) such as first and last name, address, state, and zip code to help positively identify the consumer and request a verification of their employment and/or income. While you will continue to have the ability to search by SSN, it's no longer the only way.

The alternate search capability enables you to attempt a verification through The Work Number even if the consumer is unable or unwilling to provide a full SSN as part of the application process. You still must have a permissible purpose to obtain the verification, and acknowledge that you have the consumer's consent when requesting salary information, but the ability to now search without an SSN can help you complete verifications in situations where only a truncated or partial SSN is provided, or when the SSN may have been incorrectly captured or transcribed.

The alternate search method is equally as fast and secure as using our SSN-based search process, is available at no additional cost, and returns verification results in the same format as our SSN-based ordering process.

Start taking advantage of our new alternate search method today, and search more—verify more—with The Work Number.