Flexible Delivery Options

Web Access

Instantly and securely receive the employment and income information you need on your applicants via our friendly online user interface.  You will be able to:

  • Quickly find applicants with search capability, even to find applicants without a Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Improve process workflow with the capability to save, download, and print reports in PDF format.
  • Order IRS Income Verification (4506T) from same online system
  • One-click access for users and easier account access management for administrators with Single Sign-On capability.
  • Plus ability to locate unreported income.
  • Order IRS Income Verification (4506T) from same online system.


Allows you to run just a portion, or entire case load, to search for employment and income at a given point in time to locate recent changes of employment or uncover unreported income.  Instantly improve your hit rate by 10%.

This option helps you pay for what you need. You set the filters so you receive only information of value to you, such as active employment matches only or new activity after a given date. No matter how many SSNs you send, you pay only for actionable data. If your budgeting is a concern, you can also arrange per-SSN pricing and send a set number of SSNs each period.

System-to-System Integration

Streamline operations and reduce costs by helping case workers focus on providing the right benefits to the right recipients and not on spending time on backend processes. System-to-system integration empowers case workers to obtain income and employment verifications without having to leave their case management system or other system applications that are already part of their workflow.

Our government clients have different needs and requirements in their eligibility verification efforts and as such we provide different options to deliver the income and employment information they need that best fits their workflow needs including online web access, batch and system integration.