Public Housing Authorities have the challenging mission of helping provide fair, affordable housing and opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life for persons of low and moderate income in their jurisdiction. 

Equifax can alleviate some of the burden on Housing Authorities by helping streamline HUD eligibility determinations and enhancing the resident screening process. This is done by providing access to the most recent pay date, rate and hours worked of applicants by using the most up to date employment and income data available which is powered by The Work Number® database. We complement this service with IRS Income Verification to help uncover unreported or under reported income and with our credit reports to provide insights to the applicant’s bill pay history.

Access these services easily and instantly via a user-friendly online system. Improve process workflow by finding applicants quickly even without a Social Security Number (SSN), save, download and print reports in PDF format while providing easier account access management for administrators with Single Sign-On capability.

“In order to calculate an anticipated income, we need wage/hours worked, ytd earnings and date of hire. The Work Number usually has all the information required as well as it being "third party" verified.

“The Work Number provides us a complete look, we may have a job listed but not be aware of another job.”

“The Work Number is up to date so gives us complete information.”