As more benefit programs have workforce requirements, streamlining employment verification is critical.  It helps you gauge the success of your training programs, comply with federal guidelines, and improve agency performance and reporting. Equifax Verification Services has the critical, and often missing, employment and income piece you need to do just that.

Equifax is the largest provider of employer-direct income and employment information – maintaining millions of current employment records from thousands of employers nationwide. Agencies can access current and historical payroll records and can be alerted to changes of employment and income quicker improving unemployment benefit program integrity.

Income and Employment Verifications from Equifax provide complete employment detail - updated each pay period - that allows agencies to confirm necessary employment information, including job title, hours worked and rate of pay. Our service rapidly verifies income information – online or in batch – which helps decrease phone calls to employers, reduce manual surveys and provide objective third party documentation for reporting and reviews. In addition, Equifax Verification Services can set employment alerts that will proactively notify your agency of changes in employment/unemployment to track client movement and program success.