Working with Records/Record Information

When you receive this message it means that Equifax Verification Services does not have a record on file for the Social Security Number (SSN) and the employer code that you entered. You may want to verify both the SSN and the employer code. If these are indeed correct, then the employer has not sent a record for this employee. If your client is a new employee, then Equifax would most likely not have received his/her records until after their first paycheck. Please contact the Human Resources department of the employer for this employment record.
When you receive the message that there are additional records on file, this means that there are multiple records from multiple employers, both current and previous, for this Social Security Number. By selecting to view the additional records, you will receive all employment records associated with the Social Security Number. You will only be billed once for all additional records. The price will be the same as your previous verification. You will not be charged for each separate additional record from multiple employers. Therefore, only two charges will occur for this Social Security Number's complete records.
Equifax Verification Services was designed to protect the privacy of the individuals whose records are on The Work Number database. We want to avoid giving out information -- to just anyone on the Web -- who may not have a legitimate business purpose to locate someone. This business service is designed primarily for credit application, mortgage application and job application processing. Usually an individual must provide the name of the employer on the applications. What industry are you in? If we can verify that you are using the service for mortgage purposes, and that you're FCRA-compliant, we may have other service offerings that we can provide you. Please send an email to if you would like to more information about other available services.
A record is a discrete set of information that is stored in a database. In the case of The Work Number database, each record describes a person's time with a specific employer. We have over 220 million records on The Work Number database. In many cases, this includes information about a person's current and previous employers.